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As young minds converge, they bring with them tales, traditions, and a thirst for knowledge. Our association stands as a beacon for these passionate individuals, offering a platform where stories interwine and aspirations unite.

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The Power of a Good Trainer

Have you ever experienced the magic of a good trainer? That moment when learning becomes fun, inspirational, and transformative?

I Can Have the Job I Want

Prepare for an adventure that could shape your destiny!

Upskill YOUth

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that’s all about boosting the potential of young minds.

See why they love it so much!

“I learned interesting content about non formal education that are important to know and I liked that there was a lot of refletions in teams that brought interesting ideas and thoughts to share”



“The training was a surprising experience: I learned new educational methodologies and took on new challenges to use in my work as a teacher. I especially liked the operational and practical part of the course, and I loved the organization of time and activities”

Federica Diana


“I liked working together with other people, discovering new and fun ways to learn. I developed my sense of teamwork and my organisational skills; I also improved my public speaking and social competences in a harmonious way.”

Edgar Ionita


“All the activities were relevant and efficient for me, for my future work with the youth. Especially, the application ActionBound was useful and interesting for me, as I have never used it before. What?s more, I liked the combination of TC and YE, as we had direct contact and communication with them, which allowed us to use the tools and materials taught during the TC, straight away to the youngsters. Additionally, it should be mentioned your efforts in the smooth and effective communication part. The part of guests from EP, the ambassador of Romania in Luxembourg, and the trainer was a super idea.”



“The most important thing to me was that I actually realised how much I love training and working with youngsters. I experienced being a trainer before, but I didn?t have that much structure and I didn?t know many insights of how to build an activity, so all the theoretical parts were really helpful for me. Plus, the fact that I was able to have a contribution to the debriefing part and also to facilitate the board game in English made me realise that I have enough skills to confidently take up this career. Thank you for the opportunity and for creating such a safe and creative context for me to realise those things about myself!”

Stefania-Daniela Francu


“My experience during "The Power of a Good Trainer" was incredibly enriching. The interactive session and hands-on activities were shaped my understanding of effective training methods and non-formal education. I gained valuable insights into creating an impactful training materials and had the chance to learn new innovative techniques the enhance participants learning.”

Ioana Jurca


"This is one of the best training courses I’ve been to so far. I have found knowledge, a lot of knowledge and new skills. Thank you to the trainers for sharing all that knowledge with us. Very practical activities."



“Everything we did met my expectations. I learnt a great deal for my future projects, talked a lot, got out od my comfort zone and most importantly learnt about different cultures and perspectives of life. Everything we did met my expectations. I learnt a great deal for my future projects, talked a lot, got out od my comfort zone and most importantly learnt about different cultures and perspectives of life."



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