Latest Work


Empower to Impact

Our project in Luxembourg aims to drive positive change by raising awareness of crucial community issues and empowering youth to take active roles in their communities.

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HeartGuard: Empowering Youth Against Bullying

Our 18-month project aims to combat bullying through art, drama, and workshops, targeting 120 young people.

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Digital Innovation in Youth Work

Over 10 months, we will empower 25 youth workers to convert their toolkits into digital resources, master cutting-edge digital tools, and seamlessly integrate virtual components into their work with youth.

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The Power of a Good Trainer

Have you ever experienced the magic of a good trainer? That moment when learning becomes fun, inspirational, and transformative?

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Empowering Futures: 'I Can Have the Job I Want'

Prepare for an adventure that could shape your destiny!

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Empowerment Unleashed: Upskill YOUth

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that's all about boosting the potential of young minds.

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