Brought to You by L'Ecole des Valeurs

The Power of a Good Trainer

Have you ever experienced the magic of a good trainer? That moment when learning becomes fun, inspirational, and transformative? Well, L'Ecole des Valeurs, the School of Values, presents an Erasmus project that aims to infuse that very magic into every training session!

What We Aim to Do

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to uncover and amplify the power behind an exceptional trainer. We want to provide the tools, methods, and secrets that make the difference between an ordinary session and a truly enchanting one.


Our Objectives Are

Continuous Evolution

Throughout this adventure, our 25 training wizards will refine the art of instruction, gaining a deeper understanding of essential principles and techniques.

Magical Tools

By the project's end, they will craft questionnaires that unveil the true needs of young minds.

Super Skills

Over 10 months, they'll become experts in the art of public speaking, coordination, and motivation.

Confidence and Charisma

At the culmination, they'll radiate confidence and passion, ready to inspire and transform.

And Guess What?

We possess magical methods to evaluate each objective!
But about that... you'll discover more in the evaluation section.

Are you ready to explore the power of a good trainer, brought to you by L'Ecole des Valeurs?

"The Power of a Good Trainer" project

L'Ecole des Valeurs is thrilled to embark on collaborative journeys with a remarkable network of partners, igniting innovation and growth in the "The Power of a Good Trainer" project. With shared passion and dedication, our mission is to empower youth workers, equipping them with the prowess to craft, execute, and assess training sessions using non-formal techniques. Each partner adds a distinct flair of expertise, united by a common vision of nurturing youth development through non-formal education. Together, in synergy with our partner organizations, we are resolute in uplifting the skills of youth workers and amplifying their self-assuredness as trainers. This collective endeavor aims to sculpt a radiant future for youth training, forging paths of personal and professional enrichment.

Uniting Skills and Cultures for Tomorrow's Trainers

The “The Power of a Good Trainer” project aimed to equip 25 participants from Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Italy, and France (including participants from Iran, Nigeria, Ukraine, Georgia and Colombia) with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as future trainers, educators, and youth workers. The participants learned how to facilitate learning, design training programmes, manage resources, collaborate in teams in an intercultural environment, and assess and evaluate their training.
The daily agenda comprised activities equipping the participants with skills about learning to learn, training vs. facilitation vs. moderation, learning styles, trainer’s toolkit, and training session preparation. It also included practical exercises facilitating educational activities and simulations for the I Can Have the Job I Want group: role-playing for interview simulations, crafting CVs and LinkedIn Profiles, job search strategies, interview tips, and cover letter writing.

The participants aged 18-56, together with the two young trainers from Romania and Luxembourg, Madalina Tamas and Nicolas Wiscour-Conter, created a vibrant learning environment.

Masih, one of the participants from Luxembourg in the “The Power of a Good Trainer” programme, mentioned that “Meeting people from all over the world was a blast.”, pointing out the fact that together they managed to create a friendly and respectful environment which enabled them to develop their skills and meet people from all around the world.

"The Power of a Good Trainer" Project Partners

Association School of Values (Romania)

En Root


Associazione Culturale Bubburriga (Italy)