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Empowerment Unleashed:
Upskill YOUth

Hey there, future mentors and change-makers! 🌈
Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that's all about boosting the potential of young minds. Introducing the captivating project: "Upskill YOUth: Mentoring and Coaching Techniques for Youth Workers". Brace yourself for an experience that promises growth, empowerment, and a ripple effect of positive change!

The Journey Ahead

Imagine a gathering of 24 dynamic youth workers from 6 vibrant countries—Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic—coming together to enhance their skills and amplify their impact. This empowering training course will unfold in the heart of Luxembourg in January 2024.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our mission is crystal clear:
to elevate the quality and popularity of individual consultations offered to young hearts across all partner organizations.

Triumphant Objectives

Youth-Centric Consultations

Over 12 months, our team of 24 dedicated youth workers will evolve into masterful guides, equipped with the art of leading individual consultations based on mentoring and coaching principles.

Methodology Makeover

By the project's end, each of the 6 partner organizations will seamlessly incorporate a comprehensive methodology for individual consultations. This blueprint will cover everything from duration and content to evaluation, mentoring, and even a succession plan.

Empowerment Amplified

As the project concludes, brace yourselves for a 15% surge in the number of engaged youth! All 6 partner organizations will shine even brighter, attracting and retaining more young minds through impactful individual consultations.

Ready to Ignite Change?

If you're passionate about unleashing the true potential of youth, this is your invitation to join us in revolutionizing the future through mentoring and coaching.
The journey awaits!

As we set sail for excellence, L'Ecole des Valeurs stands proud in collaboration with an unwavering consortium for the "Upskill YOUth: Mentoring and Coaching Techniques for Youth Workers" training course. Our shared mission is to enrich the quality of one-on-one consultations offered to youth across diverse partner organizations. Each partner contributes a unique brushstroke of expertise, fueled by a collective commitment to nurturing youth empowerment through mentorship. Together, hand in hand with our partner organizations, we are steadfast in honing the competencies of youth workers in facilitating individual consultations rooted in mentoring and coaching principles. This symphony of collaboration envisions a harmonious blend of guidance and growth for young individuals on their journey to self-fulfillment.

Partners for "Upskill YOUth:
Mentoring and Coaching Techniques for Youth Workers" Project

Association School of Values (Romania)




Association for Cultural, Sport and Educational Development "World of Change" (The Republic of North Macedonia)

Together, our harmonious collaboration amplifies the impact of mentoring and coaching, nurturing the potential of youth and kindling sparks of personal and professional growth.