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HeartGuard: Empowering Youth Against Bullying


Our 18-month project aims to combat bullying through art, drama, and workshops, targeting 120 young people. We will train 16 youth workers to conduct Emotional Intelligence Workshops, with the goal of enhancing their ability to teach bullying prevention skills. Through these workshops, we aim to increase the emotional intelligence of 120 young people, resulting in a 20% reduction in self-reported bullying incidents.


Our project targets 16 diverse youth workers, ranging from 20 to 46 years old, with backgrounds in fields like pedagogy, psychology, and social work. They are members of partner NGOs and will receive training in emotional intelligence workshops to effectively prevent bullying. Additionally, we aim to reach 60 young people per partner, aged 13-16, particularly those facing cultural and economic challenges. These youths have limited knowledge of bullying prevention but are eager to learn and connect with peers. Developed in collaboration with our youth workers, this project addresses the growing concern of bullying and emotional struggles among beneficiaries.


Our NGO is committed to addressing the pervasive issue of bullying and fostering emotional intelligence among youth through a comprehensive project spanning several key phases.



In Work Package 1, our project management activities kick off with a crucial three-day meeting to align our team on goals, timelines, and responsibilities, ensuring efficient coordination throughout the project duration from February 1, 2024, to July 31, 2025.



Work Package 2 focuses on raising awareness and enhancing understanding of bullying. We begin by promoting the project and attracting participants through targeted actions at schools and leveraging social media presence. Opening events in Luxembourg and France officially introduce the project, encouraging local engagement through art submissions reflecting personal experiences of bullying. Drama scenarios development follows, aiming to create relatable and impactful scripts based on submitted artworks and shared experiences. Invitations for workshops are sent out to encourage active participation from youth, setting the stage for awareness workshops facilitated by trained youth workers. These sessions utilize role-playing and feedback collection to empower youth in recognizing and addressing bullying incidents.



In Work Package 3, we prioritize the development of emotional intelligence skills as a prevention method. A comprehensive curriculum focusing on Daniel Goleman's five elements of Emotional Intelligence is tailored for young people, with specialized training kits designed for youth workers. A national training session equips these workers with the necessary skills for effective implementation, followed by pilot workshops to assess and refine the training kit's impact. Regular feedback sessions and mentoring support ensure continuous improvement and learning.



Finally, Work Package 4 encompasses closing and follow-up activities from March 2025 to July 2025. We enhance training materials and awareness toolkits, host a closing event to showcase achievements, and conduct international evaluation meetings to document learnings and recommendations. A final evaluation report and informative brochure are disseminated, ensuring the project's outcomes and resources reach a wide audience online and offline, ultimately fostering community engagement and support for our mission.

Through these concerted efforts, we aim to create a nurturing environment for youth, empowering them with the skills and knowledge to combat bullying and cultivate emotional resilience.


  • Curriculum Development for EI Training Kit: A structured 12-hour workshop curriculum using NFE methods to enhance EI among youth, ready for implementation.
  • Youth Workers Training: A specialized 4-day curriculum equipping youth workers with skills to implement the Training Kit effectively.
  • Youth Workers National Trainings: Resulting in skilled and knowledgeable youth workers capable of facilitating impactful learning experiences for youth.
  • Training Kit Pilot Workshops with Youth: Testing and refining the training kit to increase emotional intelligence among youth, leading to reduced bullying incidents.
  • Feedback Sessions and Mentoring: Ensuring continuous improvement in implementation and enhanced emotional intelligence among youth.
  • Through these efforts, we aim to empower youth and create a more supportive community environment.

Partner organisation details

Legal name En Root

Country France

Region Bretagne

City Dinan