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Empower to Impact


Our project in Luxembourg aims to drive positive change by raising awareness of crucial community issues and empowering youth to take active roles in their communities. Over 17 months, we aim to engage and teach 60 young people how to identify and address youth needs, express their opinions, and advocate for change. Through events, pictures, and meetings with decision-makers, we'll raise awareness among 200 community members and present actionable recommendations to 12 local decision-makers. Additionally, we seek to educate 200 community members on active citizenship and community participation. By creating safe spaces for youth to discuss issues and interact with leaders, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and enhance their soft skills for future success.


Our project in Luxembourg is driven by a diverse and inclusive core team of 15 young leaders aged 16-19. With varied backgrounds and skills in volunteering, workshop hosting, and media, they are passionate about civic engagement, inclusion, and community development. We also welcome youth from across the Luxembourg community, aged 13-30, regardless of gender identity, educational background, socio-economic status, or cultural background. Our aim is to create a supportive environment where all voices are heard and valued, fostering multiculturalism and active participation in shaping our community's future.


Our NGO's project in Luxembourg promotes volunteering and active citizenship among youth through key phases:

  • Preparatory Phase: Promoting project, recruiting core team, and team-building.
  • Needs Assessment Phase: Identifying community needs and engaging decision-makers. Awareness and Advocacy Phase: Showcasing needs, social media campaign, workshops, and forming partnerships.
  • Promoting Volunteering: Orientation picnic, volunteer teams, and social media challenge.
  • Future Plans, Dissemination: Discussion event, closing ceremony, and dissemination activities.

Through these efforts, we empower youth to actively contribute to their communities.


Our project in Luxembourg is yielding tangible results to inspire and mobilize youth towards active citizenship and volunteerism. We're creating an online gallery showcasing youth needs, launching social media campaigns ("15 Reasons to Volunteer" and "Let's Volunteer Together"), and crafting a comprehensive brochure to document our mission and impact. These initiatives aim to ignite action and empower young people to make a difference in their communities.



Our events in Luxembourg bridge youth and decision-makers, fostering collaboration. For instance, "I spy with my little eye.... needs of my community" engages 60 young individuals and 6 decision-makers to identify and solve community issues. Similarly, "Let's volunteer Together" involves 50 youth and 10 organizations in hands-on volunteering, promoting community engagement.

Empower to Impact
Empower to Impact
Empower to Impact

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Empower to Impact