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Digital Innovation in Youth Work


Our project aims to highlight the enduring importance of digital resources in youth development, beyond just emergency situations like global health crises. Over 10 months, we will empower 25 youth workers to convert their toolkits into digital resources, master cutting-edge digital tools, and seamlessly integrate virtual components into their work with youth. The objectives include enhancing proficiency in digital tools, fostering innovation in engagement approaches, and promoting teamwork and efficiency in online settings. Through this initiative, youth workers will gain confidence, creativity, and ethical awareness in digital youth work, ultimately enriching their impact on young individuals and communities.


Our Knowledge section offers comprehensive insights into various facets of digital youth work, including strategies for promoting Erasmus+ opportunities, research findings supporting its advancement, descriptions of distinct digital tools, methods for managing counterproductive habits, assessments of global digitalization, approaches for inclusive utilization of digital tools in youth work, recognition of the iterative nature of creativity and innovation, and the adaptation of foundational practices to digital contexts. These insights empower participants to navigate the complexities of digital youth work, fostering informed practice and maximizing positive impact.

Our program offers a comprehensive exploration of digital youth work, including strategies for leveraging Erasmus+ opportunities and promoting skills development. Participants will tailor activities to align with youth interests, engage in discussions about ethical dilemmas in digitalization, and strengthen virtual team-building skills. They will utilize digital technologies for group collaboration, implement activities using 12 digital tools, and evaluate personal concepts for integrating digital aspects into youth work. Through reflective practice and effective communication, participants will create engaging activities supported by digital media, involving youth and elevating the visibility of youth worker initiatives.


Our digital skills section focuses on fostering a reflective and critical yet open-minded approach to digital change. Participants will develop the ability to critically assess digital content and proficiency in creating digital content. They will utilize technology to support active citizenship, social inclusion, collaboration, and goal achievement. Awareness of the opportunities, limitations, effects, and risks associated with using digital tools will be emphasized, along with understanding how digital technologies can enhance communication, creativity, and innovation. Additionally, participants will enhance personal, social, and learning to learn competence, including confidence in achieving goals, decision-making skills, and constructive communication in diverse environments. Respect for diversity, assertiveness, and motivation will also be cultivated, along with an understanding of codes of conduct in digital contexts.


Our agenda is designed to provide a comprehensive experience for participants, focusing on fostering connections,
digital skills, and addressing challenges in the digital sphere:

Arrival and Day


Participants build connections, explore project context, and discuss the theme of Digital Transformation.



Practical experiences with digital tools, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving skills.



 Discussions on digital transformation, exploring advanced Zoom features, and understanding effective online presentation techniques.



Testing newly acquired skills by planning and hosting online workshops for an international youth audience.



Addressing challenges of the digital sphere, including digital addiction, hate speech, and time management.



Preparation for the project’s next phase, including peer support, ethical dilemmas discussions, and goal setting.

Energizers and daily reflections ensure motivation and engagement throughout the training. Optional evening sessions offer opportunities for additional activities and bonding

Aktive Kosmos


Asociatia Scoala De Valori

You Simply Can Foundation


Join us for an immersive training experience designed to empower youth workers in the digital age. Beginning with fostering connections and exploring digital competencies, our agenda delves into practical experiences with various digital tools and discussions on digital transformation. Participants will test their skills by planning and hosting online workshops, address challenges such as digital addiction and hate speech, and prepare for independent youth work. Energizers and daily reflections ensure engagement throughout, with optional evening sessions for further bonding and exploration. Get ready to transform your approach to youth work in the digital sphere.